The eXo visualization engine : Flickr support

The eXo visualizer supports downloading pictures from the Flickr picture database.

Here are a few quick screnshots put together, you can see pictures processed and mixed with the textures created from the music samples:

You can download it from the download page.

There are many screenshots here.

Starting with the version 1.2 of the eXo visualizer you can use the Flickr web site to download pictures related to the music played.
It's possible to search pictures connected to the artist name, the longest word of the active song title or a custom search.
You can very easily customize the way it search the Flickr database by opening the settings dialog of the eXo visualizer:

Because Apple removed the visualizer option button in iTunes 7.x I did add an accelerator to open this option dialog. Starting with 1.2.2 you can simply press the 'o' key to open the option dialog.

Here is how you can open the option dialog in iTunes 7.x, you need to go in the View Menu and select the Visualizer sub-menu:

While there are many scripts with the eXo visualizer not all of them are using Flickr pictures. To work with them you must be sure to have a script selected in the script popup menu that start with the word Flickr.

Then the visualizer will start searching the database with picture connected to what you have selected from the "Search Flickr with" popup. There are 3 options: using the longest word from the song title, using the band name, using the custom search field.

The first time the visualizer is installed it will use the custome search connected to the word "Flowers", feel free to tweak the settings!

If you are curious to see how the engine is working, just open the console application, from the utilities folder inside the main application folder. You should see this kind of informations while the engine is running:

We see here that we are getting pictures following the search term "Clouds" and there are 358814 images of clouds on the Flickr database :-)

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