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May 2009.

After a few years of posting videos all over the place I realized that I could feed that into, or simly into a blog. So I installed, follow me there to know what music I am currently listening, what problems I try to resolve in my code, or where am I travelling lattely...

FraKtus blog...

December 2008.

Uploaded and changed the videos of my music tracks. Reworked the music page to use the flash player rather than QuickTime to play my music.

September 2008. is reviewed on many web sites: review review

August 2008.

I released my entry to the Nine Inch Nails' Ghosts Film Festival. It's a web site that host a video remixing application. The user can select a few settings and the web site can render them as standard flv files.

June 2008.

At WWDC 2008 I started thinking about an automatic music video clip builder that would use the music of NIN Ghosts.

August 2007.

During the few days of rest of the summer I started thinking about embedding a video renderer on a web server and making it available through an xml file and a few php scripts. I started prototyping tat with success.

June 2007.

While I was at the WWDC 2007 I realized that the Flickr download from eXo was broken! The Flickr API has changed and I had to change the code that generate the wed address of pictures to fix the problem. Anyway there is a new version 1.2.4 that fixes the problem.

May 2007.

A new music track is only, Heavy Moon, please go to the Music tab abd listen to it, it's a very cool track done with a lot of Metasynth processing. The Guitar loops are made by Serge Devadder, thanks for helping me on this Serge!

March 2007.

The visualizer has been registered on MacUpdate, I hope it will not cause too much hits on the Flickr database because they could close my API key. I still need to implement a decent cache system in order to minimize the impact on the bandwidth.

The reason of the slow update is the fact that I lost my mother and it was not easy to handle.

September 2006.

Using pictures in the visualizer by sending query to flickr is done, try the version 1.2 on the download page.
It was quiet easy to implement and it's fun to see those pictures comming on the screen releated to the keywords of the music you are listening.

June 2006.

A beta version for Mac Intel is available on the download page, after some tests I will publish it on the download web sites.

April 2006.

A feedback form has been added, it's an easy way to send your comments.

February 2006.

eXo has been compiled for Mac Intel, I am currently beta testing it with some users.

December 2005.

A first documentation on how to script the eXo visualizer with a first tutorial is available here: Writing scripts for the eXo visualizer

4 december : I finally made it, the eXo visualizer has reached 1.0 and is available as a plugin for iTunes running Mac OS X.

October 2005.

Dreamhost did offer a 80% reduction for the first 888 person registering to their service, so I did jump and now my site is hosted on their servers.
Everything is going fine, working on releasing the version 1.0 of eXo.
Did add better streaming of my videos.

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